Top of Foot Pain - When each Step you take aches...Try these simple @Home tips


Top of foot pain makes us wince with every step. To begin healing we first need to figure out what caused the problem.


Impact or injury?


”extensor-digitorum-brevis-top-foot-pain-trigger-point"Most of the time if the discomfort developed gradually, sneaking up on us.

The first and simplest injury treatment is the RICE and anti-inflammatory strategy.

Rest the injured body part and reduce the activity that caused the issue. ”extensor

Gel Ice/heat Multi Wrap - Ice the injury, be careful not to get the joints themselves or the skin too cold.

Use a compression wrap along with or separate of the ice. This will reduce the swelling and inflammation.

Elevate the limb. If you can get the limb above the level of your heart. Best to lay down and prop the leg up on something. This will further reduce swelling and inflammation.

You can also take anti-inflammatory medication like ib profin Motrin...To reduce discomfort and alleviate inflammation.

foot pain triggerpoint massage theracane front leg extensor peroneus

The first thing you should try when you have pain on the front of ankle and feet is trigger point massage. Very often, muscle dysfunction in the front of the leg causes pain in the feet. The Thera Cane Massager is a great tool for Trigger point treatment.

If the injury or ache persists maybe something is preventing the injury from correcting itself:

Muscle trigger points that can cause top of foot pain:

Common Symptoms and Conditions:

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