Spring Shoes - Bounce away the Foot Pain

The Idea behind spring shoes is to use a bouncy or shock absorbing technology to reduce pain or increase athletic performance.

By reducing the impact from running and walking, such footwear prevents and relieves foot leg and back pain.

There are a number of brands and products I have seen. Here is my review of spring shoes.

Zcoil Shoes or zcoils:

Zcoils have one large coil under the heel that acts to provide shock absorbance during running, walking and jumping. Under the forefoot or the ball of the foot they incorporate a memory-like material to provide comfort and support. This material is also designed to prevent breakdown for a long product life. The company claims the springiness of this shoe reduces impact by 50% and returns 40% of the energy for the next step.

This shoe helps more than runners; professionals on their feet all day say that they feel less sore and tired at the end of the day.

Gravity Defyer

This is a brand I have seen a lot online and in magazines. These shoes have 3 small coils in the heel. They are cheaper than the zcoil shoes and have a more traditional styling. Based on the response and reviews of this product I would not recommend it. I have seen complaints ranging from customer service to quality of materials to actually causing as many pains as they fix. They lack support in the forefoot and while being springy they are otherwise uncomfortable.

They do however boast a 30-day money back guarantee. Feel free to check it out if you would like to try them, Gravity defyer has more styles, including dress shoes.

Other Awesome Options!

These brands do not have coils but they have excellent reputations for comfort and pain relief. They also have a wide selection of products for style, taste and fashion.

RYN, MBT, Aetrex

Check out Amazon.com, Endless.com, Zappos.com or Footwearetc.com for reviews and deals on tons of products!

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