Plantar Wart Treatment & Relief

These annoying and painful spots are tough to get rid of. I had to try a number of plantar wart treatment methods to get a result.

Consistency is key.

A plantar wart is a wart that often forms on the bottom of the foot. These are also hard to spot because they grow under the surface, within the skin.

The method I used:

  1. Compound W , which is uses an acid to kill the virus.
  2. Freeze Off, to further kill the virus
  3. Then follow with applying duct tape over the wart to suffocate and kill the wart.
Im not sure if suffocating is the right term but this remedy, used consistently, did fix my feet.

The Dr Scholls clear away is the more professional or medical solution than duct tape, it is a clear round band aid type disc with ingredients to fight the warts.

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