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Foot pain diagnosis is the first step to getting you back on your feet. There are many causes of foot pain and many solutions too. Don’t discount any single treatment method too early. ”footFor the official word you should check with a doctor or podiatrist. I am not a doctor, but, I have self-treated friends, family and myself from research I have done.

Some of the common foot problems are heel spur, plantar fasciitis, Morton’s foot, turf toe, gout, toe pain, ankle pain and many more.

These are issues with the bones and muscles in your foot. Surface conditions like blisters, fungus and athletes foot can be a real pain too.

Our body is connected through muscle, joints and bones. Problems with our feet can lead to problems in other parts of the body.
The most common remedies for correcting foot pain is icing, soaking and massaging of the feet. These are all great strategies, but most people forget to consider their lower legs. Muscles in the arch of the foot can cause ball of foot pain and muscle knots in the calf can cause arch pain.

The surprising fact is that much foot pain is a result of muscle knots in the calf and shin muscles. Trigger points refer pain to nearby joints and nerves. Fortunately trigger points are simple to correct and can be self treated. Zeroing in on the problem can be tricky. Pain felt in the feet can be an early indicator of back pain to come.

Do you suffer from?

What is the location of your pain?

There are of course prevention strategies for foot pain. Picking comfortable shoes and shoe inserts can be a great prevention method for foot pain.

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