Foot pain at night - Stop the Pain, Get to Sleep

What causes foot pain at night:
Myofascial trigger points
Vitamin deficiency
Poor circulation
Drug side effects, poor diet

How to stop the pain:

Cramps, tenderness, and discomfort may become more apparent at night as we slow down and are aware of aches and throbs

The first and easiest treatment method is to check for trigger points in your gastrocnemius muscle. Using your opposite knee or a massage tool massage your calf.

Use short, slow strokes at a pain level of 7/10. Do this throughout the day and before bed for 2-10 sessions. A short session of about 10 strokes over each tender spot will do.

How to prevent it:

Over activity, poor circulations and injury to the muscles can cause trigger points. Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes. Living an active lifestyle with a healthy diet and weight. When sitting or standing for long flexing your feet and toes will increase circulation to your feet.

Un-tucking your sheets at night will give your feet more freedom and may prevent cramps and aches.

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