Broken Ankle?! OUCH!!

Athletes and office workers alike can suffer a broken ankle. The foot is a complicated machine. With so many bones, joints and muscles working together, carrying our entire weight…our feet take a beating.


The severity of a break can range from a small crack to crushed bones.

If our ankle has broken, the doctor may use hardware, like screws or plates to ensure proper healing.

An immediate severe pain
Hearing a pop or snap
Not able to stand

Hearing a snap or pop does not necessarily mean that you broke a bone. The reverse is possible too. Some people tough out the pain for weeks before going to the doctor to find it WAS a break.

Use common sense, You know your situation the best, see a doctor if you suspect serious injury.

If you already have a cast be sure to follow your doctors guidelines. A great product for keeping your cast dry during showers is the Duro-Med Leg Protector.

These are some symptoms or reasons people believe that have a break, but just because it feels broken does not mean it definitely is. For injury recovery for breaks and sprains the air-ankle stabilizer helps in rehabilitation and healing.

If you suspect a serious injury, you should always go to your doctor where you will receive professional treatment.

Be sure to check out Ankle-Sprain Treatment for more self treatment tips and techniques.

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