Blister Treatment and Prevention

Blister treatment varies with what the cause of the blister is. They can be caused by heat, cold, chemicals and friction.

How to treat them:


The common places for blisters are on the feet. Specifically, the back of the heel the ball of the foot and the bottom of the foot.

If you have the option, stop the activity that caused the problem and choose sandals or different shoes that do not irritate the wound.

Blisters on the feet will most likely be caused by friction from your shoe or boot. Wearing clean, dry socks and is your best bet for preventing blisters.


Try special socks like the WrightSock Double Layer Coolmesh, designed to prevent blisters. These socks are made for varying tasks and activities from a running sock to a military Thorlo Combat Boot Sock.

If you have a blister from a boot or shoe and must continue the activity then this is a good blister treatment plan:

Use a clean, sterilized needle or knife to pop the blister.

DON’T Pop blood-filled blisters, these are different.

Drain the fluid and use a disinfectant on the area.

There are products that are essentially an artificial skin. If you have one of these you can remove the whole layer of the blister skin and apply this bandage.

If you don’t have one it would be better to keep that top layer of skin for protection.

After you have popped the blister and removed the fluid do your best to protect it.

I would recommend thick moleskin. Cut the Dr. Scholl's Moleskin into the shape of a doughnut so that there is a hole where the tender blister is and the moleskin creates an elevated area AROUND the blister.

This will distribute the pressure from your shoe or boot to the healthy skin around the blister.

If your blister has not yet formed there are a few options.

Use an athletic tape to protect the hot spot, a thin layer of moleskin or a lubricating applicant like, BlisterShield, to prevent the blister from forming to begin with.

If something else like a sunburn, burn or chemical:For sunburn and burns there are over the counter treatment creams available online or at a local store.

IF the blister is:

Caused by a chemical or something else
……Get Checked Out – Go to a doctor

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