Ankle Pain - Treat & Prevent

People complain of ankle pain for a number of reasons or situations.

If there was an impact or a trauma it is possible a break or tear happened. For most people the ache starts small and grows gradually.

The most common treatment strategy for aching ankles is to rest, ice and use painkillers.

These are excellent at home treatment strategies, particularly for swelling.

Use a combination of treatment and pain relief methods to achieve that quickest healing and recovery. Trigger point therapy is very helpful treatment method.

Following some ankle sprain treatment steps will get you back to the field, sport or work that you need to get back to.

Use of supportive shoes and inserts will prevent pain from reoccurring. Stable shoes prevent twists of the foot. This is particularly important when hiking or walking on rough ground. Also, if a shoe fits poorly, the muscles will have to work harder. Overworking your foot and leg muscles can cause some sharp aches and pains.

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