Abductor Digiti Minimi - Trigger Points - Self Foot Pain Relief

The abductor Digiti Minimi is a muscle in the bottom of the foot located near the heel. It connects the heel to the little toe and assists in balance and stability of the foot.


abductor digiti minimi foot heel pain trigger pointWearing uncomfortable shoes like flipflops and highgheeled shoes put extra strain on these muscles. Walking barefoot or running and walking on uneven surfaces makes this muscle work harder.


Pain from this muscle is referred to the outside of the ankle and on the bottom, outer side of the heel.


Connecting the little toe to the heel a contraction of your little toe will flex this muscle. You should see it contract on the outerside of the bottom of your foot.


Using your hands will probably get tiring massaging this muscle. A small hard ball or roller like the Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball, or a hand tool like the Theracane Massager will allow you to get proper leverage. Look for the tender spots on the bottom outer side of the heel and on the bottom of the foot in this area. Comfortable supportive footwear and shoes is the best way to prevent this pain from developing.

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