Take a Stand!
Stop Running from Foot Pain!

Foot pain has at one time or another affected all of us.

Having a concise guide written by someone who stopped their pain on their own with and without doctors, can save lots of time and headache. Simple Pain Relief ebook - Click Here...

Have you ever changed your lifestyle, quit a job, skipped a vacation for simple leg or foot pain…?

Often times our pain is connected, pain in our feet and legs can both be caused by and cause pain in the back. The same is said for pain in the head or neck and back is also true.
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Or used phrases like,
I’m “just getting old”…”My arthritis”…”This old football injury”…?

There is nothing simple about
aching feet. That’s what this site is for,

I want to help you get healthy and active again.

Welcome to the foot pain relief self treatment home. Find real relief tips that work!

Im not a fan of placebos so everything on this site has worked for me, or someone I know.

Doctors are awesome. Contrary to popular belief most are

not Greedy-Docs, “in it for the money”. Docs Do want to help people.


Pain is a tough nut to crack. Much of med-school focuses on drugs and surgery.

I believe we need good surgeons and life saving pharmaceuticals.

Medication can be helpful, even a godsend,


Over-use & Over-prescribing gets the best of us.

Drugs and surgery should be a last resort. Many times, the symptom rather than the cause is treated.

Lets fix the cause of the problem before more drastic measures are needed.

Are you ready to kick pain in the pants?

…On your mark…

…Get Set…


One of the best ways to stop pain PERMANENTLY is to get to a healthy weight. Knowing the step-by-step solution for you is the first step. How to get rid of pain through weight loss - Click Here...

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